Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Regret or Satisfy

Manage to spend some time to update, well at least i made my promise to update this blog each month. I may not mention any updates about this blog on facebook or twitter, unless i feel like doing it. Some people might think that i am a bit too old to blog, but screw it, my main reason to blog is to make it like a diary, for myself. I am a guy that don't remember things well.

Don't feel offended, at least i make this blog public, so feel free to read from time to time. =)

Many things happened, some burden, or perhaps guilt has gotten down from my shoulder. I felt relieved, grateful and guilty of all what happened. In life you just have to make choices, i made a bad one.

Now life has gotten back to what it should be, i learned, i reflected, that is the least i could do.

Many things i regretted in the past, so from now on i will try to lessen them.
Many things are more clear to me on what i should do, what i should not.

For the next 3 months, i would expect some changes, for myself.
If i would succeed, maybe i should throw a party.
No, i will succeed.

Now just need to get everything organized and i will be fine.
After meeting JJ and Ean from Hitz.fm, i understand the meaning of permanent.

To seek a permanent and pleasant life, requires passion, patience and determination.
Well not actually perfect life, but life with satisfaction.
And that is what i desire now. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012























雖然具有哲思可太過善良和輕易相信別人的性格很容易被人宰割。 他認為世界就是自己看到









Friday, July 13, 2012

Deejays, The Evolution

It has been a while, and i am lucky enough to spare some time for this blog.

Currently preparing for mid term tests, was busy for the past few weeks as well.
Most of my time was used for the events for deejay club. 

First, we had our MMU Registration Week.
This year it might be a shock for most of the clubs, because this year crowd was so much lesser compared to last year. I was informed that this year MMU Cyberjaya only have 600 new students from june intake. Last year we had more than 1200 new students came to MMU Cyberjaya. 

It was so depressing for the clubs because we had less chances to recruit more members. I really hope that MMU Cyberjaya will recruit more students next year, instead of making decisions that disappoints us all the time. 

Nevertheless we tried our best this time and managed to get a lot of new members, luck was with us.

Our Booth 

Our effort this time was to do a flash mob. I was quite embarrassed about it, but since everyone was doing it together, lets be crazy just for once!!! Hehe. We went from MPH until the hostel areas and came back, accompanied by our power rangers.

 Our train formation

 Making our Dj Club cheer!!!

Next up we had our AGM as well.  Lik Pin is the current president for the year 2012/2013, and i remain as event manager for one more year.

 English Slot Meeting

Then we have our crash course session, frequent changes for the venue of crash course made me quite pissed off but in the end everything turned out quite well. 

 Seniors & Juniors WIGGLE

 Group Photo for Crash Course

Lastly we had our ice breaking trip at Gold Coast Morib. We are so sick of Port Dickson so we tried our best to make this Morib trip a success.

It was my first time helping out in creating game sessions and becoming emcees with Lik Pin. The game that i designed was called Running Deejays, a replica of running man. The effects might not be as good as original but i hoped the members enjoyed them. 

Emcee wise, i am seriously not fit to be one. I have been trying to avoid this task because it was hard for me.  Being an emcee means u must be crazy, spontaneous, and able to control the crowd. I can be considered a serious type of person, but i tried hard to deal it with Lik Pin. 

Really hope that everyone enjoyed the trip though. =S


Deejays from Morib Trip

Our last group photo from Morib

Yup thats all for now, despite imperfection, we managed to have these events to be carried out successfully. I have to thank everyone that helped out and joined these events. This is the spirit of deejay club that i always love. 

More events to be organized by us, and i will be looking forward to it, hopefully is the same for everyone.

Well, till next time, good luck on whatever you are doing, and wait for my next post. =)

Saturday, June 2, 2012










Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My dear friend

That's right folks i just finished my papers 2 days ago and i am having a 2 weeks break!!!
Right after the test i came across a video, shed some tears and i think of him instantly.
Not trying to let myself emo, but just let me talk about this awesome friend of mine.

His name is Teoh Yee Sook, same age as me.

The first time i met him was during primary school, but that time we were not in the same class. Until form 1 we were in the same school again. We were having afternoon classes during form 1 & 2. We both sat different teachers' cars back home, but we were forced to wait in the school for at least 10 minutes when the class ended. The teachers were busy so they cant leave early. We talked to make use of the time, that's how we know each other. 

After knowing each other we knew that we lived in the same housing area, so i decided to invite him and others to join me for football at the field near my house. While playing i was surprised, because he was such a good goalkeeper, hardly had the chance to score goals when he was there. So ever since he had been a constant football kaki. 

Then he learned dancing, performed several times in CHS and other schools. The first time i saw him dancing, i was amazed because he danced so well, and i admired him so much. You all can check out one of his videos down here. 

Fate brought us together because we were in the same class for form 4 & 5. He was our assistant class representative during form 5, never get mad at us although we were late to go labs for at least 30 minutes. 
He was a creative guy, his drawing skill was good, and he was the one that drew the logo for our class. Oh yes our class got our own class magazine which pawned other classes haha. 

Everything went well until when he got leukemia. We both attended our discipline teacher's tuition, not forget to mention that yee sook was good at maths too. He did not attend the tuition and our football sessions for some time. My discipline teacher suddenly brought us to hospital and met him one day. It was a shocking truth for everyone.

Then our class started making videos to cheer him up, making paper crafts to hang them in his room. I visited him a few times with others, and he was gradually becoming thinner due to the chemotherapies he was having, its heartbreaking to see him like that. He promised us that we will play football together again, etc. A few of his wishes were to attend graduation day and prom night. 

Time flew, and he did attend the graduation day and prom night. 

And the the first day of chinese new year in year 2009, he passed away. Everyone was so down during that period. I may be not his best friend, but he was an important person in my life.

Missing you much teoh yee sook, be well and please watch over us.

Alright guys not trying to be emotional, I just want to write down what i feel about him.
We all do miss him, and he will always be in our heart.

All these feelings came back when i watched the videos Love Life by those taiwan celebrities. That video is 1 hour long, with english subtitles as well. So please don't hesitate to watch this, it is worth watching. 

Speaks a thousand words.
Do cherish the people you love,
Love life. =)

Friday, May 4, 2012

DJAN 2012

Final exams are around the corner, 3 days left perhaps.
But before that, lets talk about DJAN.

Well, this is my second time attending this event, as a normal member.
I used to be in the committee for the previous year,
so this is my first time to enjoy the dinner peacefully. *cheers*

In addition, I did participated in a performance, our band was called "The Band".
Ignoring my piano skills, I tried my best to perform, 
My last time performing in public is when i was in primary school,
Other than that I just attended the piano exams till grade 8, LOL. 
We did fine I suppose, except that we screwed up encore part, sorry for that,
with our level, I am proud of us, because we are not professional bands.
All we have is passion for music. =D

The environment was good, food was awesome, everything was better than i expected.
I enjoyed it very much.
Have to thank the committee this year,
With that amount of people, you guys manage to pull it off and make this event a success.
I am guilty for not providing any assistance to you all, but i believe that you can handle them splendidly.
First time seeing the committee being so stress and serious, unlike our year haha.
It just reminds me of what happened during the previous DJAN, nostalgic indeed.

Dear old high committee 2011/2012,
Will be missing those days where we worked together,
We did win an award in the end,
So i believe we are a great team.

New high committee 2012/2013,
Staying back as event manager,
More new events coming up,
and i am excited about it,
hopefully we can win more awards this year.

 Deejay Club 2011/2012

When I am looking at this picture,
no comments but I am gradually getting into fatty category,
oh gosh I need to lose some weight.
No offence for the guys above haha. 

I need to achieve many things to get back to my fitness,
currently obesity has caused me to have disadvantages at sports.

My high school picture with my buddy,
Sexy ain't I? Hehe.
Too bad but I need these pictures to motivate myself.
It is not too bad to look at these old pictures.
Graduated from high school for 3 years,
Nevertheless I still miss those days.

That's all for now,
Dear comrades,
Good luck for final exams!!!!!  =)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Carry on

Yeah i know it has been a while, but it does not mean that i have no life haha.


I think i should stick to english this time, lazy to type in mandarin. hehe

So far one of the things i did was attending Inti Squash Open 2012. 6 Sakais that rarely train joined the competition and lost with glory and pride. LOL

I lost 2 rounds straight, no excuses but everyone that entered the tournament train themselves until perfect shape to play with nice shots. I envy them actually haha.

It really reminds me when i got so into sports during high school and i trained so hard to earn when i got that moment, its really satisfying. Now all i got is big tummy LOL.

Organizing Committee

Overall view of squash courts in Inti

Of course never to forget that we celebrate our coursemates birthday, Mel, Hock and Tim!

Every time we always have this kind of outings, because some of our friends already change their course, so this will be the best time to meet up with everyone and have fun!

This kind of outing always have around 20 people to gather together, and I really enjoy these moments.

My fellow friends

Carry on walking,
Even if it hurts.
Life will be good soon. =)